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Medical City Dallas Hospital

Description Price
AUDITORY - Tympanostomy with Tubes (Tubes in Ears):Insertion of tubes into the eardrum. $1,490.00
CARDIOLOGY - Atrial Fibrillation (Heart Arrhythmia):Quivering or spontaneous contraction of indiv... $6,361.50
CARDIOLOGY - Congestive Heart Failure:An inability of the heart to circulate blood effectively en... $10,796.50
CARDIOLOGY - Coronary (Heart) Atherosclerosis:A disease of the heart 's arterial vessels marked b... $18,308.50
CARDIOLOGY - Subendo Infarct Initial:A heart attack which occurs when blood flow to the heart mus... $18,846.50
DIAGNOSTIC - CAT Scan:Computed tomography directs multiple beams of x-rays around a body structur... $570.50
DIAGNOSTIC - Diagnostic Ultrasound:An imaging technique bouncing sound waves through interior bod... $104.00
DIAGNOSTIC - Mammography Diagnostic Follow-up:Radiographic imaging of the breast to screen for br... $51.50
DIAGNOSTIC - Mammography Routine Screening:Radiographic imaging of the breast to screen for breas... $57.50
DIAGNOSTIC - MRI:Magnetic resonance imaging is a radiation free noninvasive technique to produce ... $647.00
DIAGNOSTIC - Xray (Bone Joint):A radiologic examination to visualize a bone or joint body structure. $75.50
DIAGNOSTIC - Xray (Chest):A radiologic examination to visualize the chest. $56.00